May 2012 - Congratulations on your success Carolyn. I can personally attest to the fabulous reactions people have when they receive on of your cards. They are so different and unique and always perfect to brighten someone's day. Of course the heart behind your creations is a huge plus. Thank you for all you do.

Cindy Slack    Simi Valley    Website   

I wanted a special gift for the cast and crew of a play I was recently in. Carolyn did a fabulous job and went out of her way to create something really special. She did some research and got the exact promotional pic of the play and put it on every card. She then layered behind it with bold and beautiful colors. My friends were thrilled with them. The cards are so much more than just cards - they really are special mementos of our fun time together!

Karen Wrolson    Camarillo CA    Website   

When I got injured last fall I received several "Get Well" cards in the mail. Some were funny, some were cute, and some were the typical "hurry up and get better soon". All very sweet but when I received a card that Carolyn Gilbert made me from our networking group, not only was it different and obviously handmade, but it was customized to my business. I sell Cookie Lee Jewelry and the fact that she made me a beautiful card with a necklace, bracelet and earrings all "BLING" on the front of the card made me feel very special. After cards sit on your counter awhile frankly they typically get tossed. Not this one! It's still on a shelf where I see it every day in the kitchen. I love my card almost as much as I love Carolyn!

Christina Henteleff    Simi Valley    Website   

This is the place. Here in PMC we have the best instruction and sharer ever. Have been to many stores and class and Carolyn is by fat the best. I cannot say enough about her. Not only is she super knowledgeable, she is so kind. Her classes are the highlight of my week. Thank you, thank you.

Author *Jill L.    Pine Mountain Club   

I gave a CarolynsCreation birthday card to my dad. He loved it! It's the best card you can buy.

Eric Smith   

Carolyn of CarolynsCreation is one of the most talented and innovative people that I know. Her cards are unique and make me look good to my friends! It's difficult to part with many of her cards but knowing they will brighten the day the receiver makes it worth it. I have seen may of the albums created by Carolyn and they are truly beautiful and a bleating to those of us who either do not have the talent or the time for making such a wonderful keepsakes. I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next!

Robin Dietrich   

September 2012 - Baby Album for Client and Cards for my Business Anniversary. If you are in search of that unique one of a kind gift from the heart, look no further than CarolynsCreation. She has the eye for aesthetics indeed! (When you get rich and famous, I am happy to keep your books! Then I can ask YOU for a testimonial!)

Marla J. Blanchard    Website   

Carolyn created a custom card for my daughter’s Adoption Day in April, 2011. I specifically wanted a panda bear and an Asian feel to it, since we adopted her from China. I got exactly what I wanted and my daughter was thrilled! She has the card dislayed prominently in her bedroom. I will not hesitate to ask Carolyn to create more customized cards for me for special occasions. I’ve seen other projects she has done for my friends and colleagues and quite simply put-it’s awesome. You can’t get anything even similar to her cards in a store or online. Thanks, Carolyn!

Laurie Hurley    Owner, The Social Networking Navigator   

I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to Carolyn for all the hard work she does on all my personal birthday cards for my clients. She provides VIP service with a smile. I am very grateful for all she does for my business. My clients love all the hand made cards they receive. I can't thank you enough.
You are a client for life.

Mike Lefton    Simi Valley    Website   

Jan 2013 - Carolyn Gilbert is so talented! She creates cards, albums, invitations, and so much more! Her story of how her business was started is beautiful!

Christina Mullenix   

Ny niece loved the beautiful black and white card that you made for her Wedding Shower. Then I asked you to make her a special one again for her wedding in November. She was even more excited. Thank you for making her days so special, and for helping her Aunt show how much she lovers her!

Mary McVicker   

I just wanted to let you know that the cards turned out so cute... I am so excited to send them out to my panda loving friends! I will definitely keep you in mind when I need some cards or photo album things. Thanks so much for the beautiful work... I love them!! All the best

Tara C   

February 2012 - If you need a very specific creative card... Carolyn can do this. My sister's b-day is on Valentine's Day so she made a combo card for me.... try to find that in the store... Thx Carolyn

Jan Suckut   

Miss Carolyn, I just love the cards. You are amazing talented. God really gave you an incredible gift. Thank you for getting them to me so quickly. Just love you! xoxo

Maggie    California   

I love all the different cards from CarolynsCreation! She is so creative in designs and really puts her heart into each and every card. My friends love to receive them as each is so unique and different, and I love to see the new ideas. Thanks Carolyn for making our lives easier!

Shari Schultz    Simi Valley   

CarolynsCreation makes the most amazing cards and gifts. When I need that extra something special I can always count on Carolyn to create the perfect gift that shows my appreciation and sentiment. I love that the designs are all unique and original and that in a pinch I can go to any one of the local businesses that carry her products including: Flower’s by Maria, Just Trudi ‘ s Boutique, or Chatsworth Flowers.

Josie H.    Simi Valley   

I was so impressed with Carolyn’s prompt and professional services. My first experience started out with just one card for my wedding anniversary. I was so impressed with Carolyn’s creativity I then immediately placed an order of 50 holiday cards followed by another 10 additional holiday cards. Carolyn is simply the best! She puts Hallmark to shame….

Ben Gilbert    Welcome to the Neighborhood   

Thank you so much for the wonderful photo book. I know my mom will enjoy it for years to come! You are an amazing person with an open-loving heart. You're talents are many but I know the sweat and tears you put into my book to make it special for me and my mom. I can feel your love, warmth and pure enjoyment you get by giving to others -

Gayle A   

I LOVE THE CARDS!!!  Thank you!

Maggie K